Eastern Christianity
  • Eastern Christian Churches
    An informative site created by Fr. Ron Roberson, a Catholic priest, which provides much information about the different Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

  • Introduction to the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church
    A series of twenty-one essays by Fr. Hal Stockert, a Byzantine Catholic priest, located on the Catholic Information Network.

  • Royal Doors
    English language resorces for Ukrainian Greek Catholics.

  • The Rite Not to be Roman
    Article by Carl Olson written for This Rock a few years ago about Eastern Catholicism, drawn from his experiences at Nativity.

  • Greek Catholic Tradition
    Carl Olson's speech, given at the 2012 Orientale Lumen conference in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 8, 2012. The conference topic was "Theology of the Laity."

  • Byzantine Catholic Churches of America
    Contains links to various Byzantine Catholic Churches, information about Byzantine Catholicism, and a discussion forum.

  • Light and Life Publishing
    A major Orthodox publishing house, located in Minnesota. Although Orthodox, Light and Life Publishing does publish a number of titles that are Eastern Catholic.