Eastern Christianity
  • Eastern Christian Churches
    An informative site created by Fr. Ron Roberson, a Catholic priest, which provides much information about the different Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

  • Introduction to the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church
    A series of twenty-one essays by Fr. Hal Stockert, a Byzantine Catholic priest, located on the Catholic Information Network.

  • The Rite Not to be Roman
    Article by Carl Olson written for This Rock a few years ago about Eastern Catholicism, drawn from his experiences at Nativity.

  • Carl Olson's speech, given at the 2012 Orientale Lumen conference in Washington, D.C. is now online. The conference topic was "Theology of the Laity." You can listen to it at ancientfaith.com/specials/recent_programs. The other main speakers' talks are also there under the date of "Aug. 8, 2012"

  • Byzantine Catholic Churches of America
    Contains links to various Byzantine Catholic Churches, information about Byzantine Catholicism, and a discussion forum.

  • Orthodox Church of America (OCA)
    The official website of the OCA. Some good information mixed with some negative remarks about the Catholic Church.

  • Orthodox Christian Information Center
    This attractive and extensive site contains a wide range of material that is informative. However, be aware that it has little or no love for the Catholic Church and the ecumenical movement.

  • St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary
    Likely the most famous and well-known Orthodox seminary in the U.S., located in New York state. Also features the highly respected SVS Press and an online bookstore. Note that some of the SVS books aren't friendly towards Catholicism

  • Light and Life Publishing
    A major Orthodox publishing house, located in Minnesota. Although Orthodox, Light and Life Publishing does publish a number of titles that are Eastern Catholic.